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Here are a few good reasons why you should choose

for your upcoming vacation

Planning a trip to Los Cabos?  Make it a fun, memorable, relaxing and hassle-free vacation by hiring Vacation Store Los Cabos – your best source for professional, friendly, value for money, pre-arrival grocery delivery service. We are your one stop Los Cabos vacation shop!!


Vacation Store Los Cabos is a year around grocery delivery service that takes away the chore of grocery shopping while you, your family and friends are on vacation. With our easy to use online grocery store, simply order all of your grocery items pre-arrival and have them delivered, unpacked and waiting at your vacation home upon your arrival.


How pampered would you feel walking into your long awaited beautiful vacation home after a long day of traveling and finding your refrigerator, kitchen and bar completely stocked with your favorite vacation foods and cold drinks? This is what you call an amazing start to your first day of vacation!!


You may think that you have to pay a high price to hire a grocery delivery service, but that isn’t true. Although there is a charge for the convenience of a grocery delivery service, you will end up paying more by hiring a taxi to take you to the grocery store and then having to pay extra to have the taxi wait for you outside while you shop in an unfamiliar grocery store and then have to wait in a long checkout line. Plus, who wants to spend time at a grocery store while on vacation? Wouldn’t you rather spend that precious time relaxing pool or beach side creating fun and amazing memories with your children, spouse, family and friends instead??


Make the most of your vacation time! Don’t spend a single minute of your valuable vacation time at a grocery store!! Have your groceries delivered to your vacation home, condo, hotel or timeshare in a fast and friendly way!!!

“Michelle and team were amazing! I'm so glad we decided to use the Grocery Service. Everything we ordered was at the house unpacked and stocked appropriately. It made our travel so less stressful, we were able to start vacation the minute we got off the plane, we didn't have to waste half of a travel day going to three and four different stores. The team, was quick, precise and so easy to work with. When we needed to re-stock some items, they were there within the hour. Great way to travel. Definitely recommend and we will be using again.” Megan Gould, San Diego, California                   


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