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Complete Content of the Package

• Happy Birthday Paper Napkins (8 count)
• Birthday Cake Size Paper/Plastic Plates (8 count)
• Drinking Cups (8 count)
• Plastic Forks For Cake (8 count)
• Birthday Cake Candles (24 count)
• Birthday Numerical Candles (2 count)
• Happy Birthday Hanging Banner (1 count)
• Birthday Hats (8 count)
• Birthday Balloon Table Center Piece (1 count)
• Beautiful Floral Arrangement: Includes 1 Aluminium & 4 Latex Helium Balloons
• Round Ice Cream Blizzard Birthday Cake (1 count)

• Matches (1 count)

(Cake needs to be ordered 72 hours or more prior to delivery date and time)

Cake flavors to choose from (please select only one flavor per cake):

Banana Split Blizzard Cake, Mango Cheese Pie Blizzard Cake, Limon Cheese Pie Blizzard Cake, Nestle Crunch Blizzard Cake, Strawberry Banana Blizzard Cake, M&M’s Blizzard Cake, Snickers Blizzard Cake, Cheese Pie Blizzard Cake, Chocolate X-treme Blizzard Cake, Brownie Temptation Blizzard Cake, Butterfinger Blizzard Cake, Reese’s Blizzard Cake, Oreo Blizzard Cake or Chips Ahoy Blizzard Cake

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Birthday Cake Package



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